John Pulos is the first
    child born to Rosemary and
    Tony Pulos in 1948.  Diane
    would follow in 1950.  She
    would school at RIT in
    Rochester and live in
    Washington D.C.,  St. Louis,
    Indianapolis, and Houston,
    where she resides today,
    operating her own Pilates
           John has spent most of
    his 60 years in Montour Falls.  
    A 1970 Hobart College
    graduate, John returned home
    to teach at the local high
    school and then to operate
    Chef's Diner, the restaurant
    that Tony and Rosemary
    founded.  John became the
    diner's general manager in
    1985 where he spent the next
    22 years of his life, until
    selling the restaurant in 2007.  
         He met Maryalice
    Condon in 2002.  Maryalice
    was a very successful paralegal
    in Syracuse, New York and
    was involved in a direct sales
    venture.  She moved to
    Montour Falls in October,
    2006 and married John
    several months later.  In those
    five years Maryalice became
    very close to Tony and
    Rosemary, who lived next
    door to John and Maryalice.  
    She spent hours and hours,
    over many cups of tea, talking
    with Rosemary about
    everything, including the
    home that would become,
    Rosemary's Legacy.  Rosemary
    would often refer to Maryalice
    as her "other" daughter.
         Tony died in the summer
    of 2006 of leukemia.  
    Rosemary died in April,
    2008, just short of her 86th
    birthday.  Both John and
    Maryalice could not imagine
    someone else living in his
    parents' home.  They decided
    to make some small changes,
    and then to share it with
    visitors to our beautiful area.  
         The home is filled with
    memories.  You will find
    many family pictures and
    awards throughout the house,
    plus all those "little things" that
    made Rosemary so happy.  
Tony and Rosemary's
February 14, 1942
1946, after Tony returns
from the war,
in front of a Watkins Glen
Tony holding John in front
of Chef's Diner in 1949.
Rosemary in
Tony and Rosemary,
in 2006 and 2007,
with their grand daughter,
Morgane Pulos.